Has Tolkien encoded human history?

The successful audiobook - now in English

The accounts from Sauron's 2nd Empire to Frodo's departure from Middle-earth cover the period from Ancient Rome to the 22nd or 23rd century. From the invisible power of the high finance to the world wars and the solution to humanity's problems through a change in consciousness and the monetary system, Tolkien has encoded the important stages, our collective challenges and achievements. All this is revealed in this audiobook on the basis of the concrete Lord of the Rings symbolism.

According to Tolkien, in the first half of the 21st century, a five-stage turning point is taking place on Earth with the greatest challenges and breakthroughs.

Ludwig D. Gartz

Author of “The Ring Annihilation“ and the Nineness Series

Adrian Roscow

Narrator of" “The Ring Annihilation“

What listeners say

"Ludwig Gartz is able to derive a timeline of events in the world for the past, present and possible future from Tolkien's “Lord of the Rings”.

He interprets historical stages on the one hand, and the development of humanity's consciousness process on the other. The most important points that we humans should work on, are therefore the interest money system, egoistic human aspirations and the revival of spiritual values.

Gartz interprets the characters in LotR as individual spiritual abilities. For example, Aragorn represents conscience and integrity, Gandalf discernment, Éowyn selfless service, Arwen selfless love, Éomer modesty and humility and Frodo common sense.

If people succeed in developing these spiritual abilities to a sufficient degree, the catastrophes predicted for our time can be averted. This would mean that the prophecies and the Lord of the Rings would have fulfilled their purpose, namely to make us aware of what we should change and develop.

And with that, events can take a good course as predicted by Tolkien and the Golden Age of Man can begin."

Birgit D.

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